OM 2002

The operating module REMOD OM 2002 is equipped with 2 rotary encoders as well as 2 illuminated buttons. It increases your flexibility in plant and machine control by enabling you, for example, to adjust the speed of drives and motors, or the precise positioning of rollers.

Rotary encoders as well as short-click pushbuttons are designed to be wear-free and can be individually labeled with slide-in strips. The practical illuminated buttons provide a clearly recognizable feedback by their 3-color surface LED.

The REMOD OM 2002 rotary pulse encoder module can be modularly expanded up to 8 units, which are connected via an industrial bus interface.

REMOD OM 2002 is also part of our Extrusion Pack 4.0 - an automation package for extrusion technology.

high quality aluminum front panel

stable stainless steel housing

various connection options


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