OM 2032-F

The REMOD OM 2032-F control module is a variant of our REMOD OM 2032 control module. It is almost identical, but is distinguished by its three safety inputs and a safety output, which ensure a  fault-proof operation.

With its robust 32 short-click illuminated/light buttons and the 5-color surface LEDs, the REMOD OM 2032-F control module can optimally visualize operating conditions. Supported by a blinking function for each individual button, separate status LEDs and insert strips for individual labeling, the operator gets a comfortable overview and clear feedback of the system.

A great advantage over individually mounted or wired buttons and LEDs is that REMOD OM2032F control modules are completely parameterized and ready for use. This results in considerable time savings during commissioning and increased system stability during operation.

REMOD OM 2032-F is a scalable system and can grow at any time with the system. A system consists of a head module, which can be expanded by up to 5 sub-modules per network node. Head modules are equipped with common fieldbus interfaces and can be controlled via Profinet, Profibus and Ethernet / IP. Sub modules can be easily connected to the head module via an internal module bus.

With its additional digital inputs and outputs, REMOD OM 2032-F supports the simple integration / recording of further signals from components next to the machine such as key switches, end position contacts and indicator lights.

The electronics installed in the control unit are reliable, durable and have an extremely energy-efficient design.

high quality aluminum front panel

stable stainless steel housing

various connection options


Technical Data


short-stroke keys with insertion strips 32
LED 5-colored (red, green, yellow, blue, white) 32
Status LED 32 plus 2 additional info LED


Resotec module bus (max 5 Sub Modules) 2 x RJ45 (max. bus length 9 m)
Digital I/O (only Head Module) 16 inputs, 16 outputs
Power supply: 24 VDC, max. output current: 100 mA

Fail-safe digital I/O (safety)

3 safety inputs, 1 safety Output (Option), each with two channels (SIL3)

Fieldbus interfaces (alternative)

Profinet IO Device Module (Option), 2 x RJ45 incl. Switch
Modbus RTU* Module (Option), 1 x 9-pol SUB-D
Profibus-DP Slave* Module (Option), 1 x 9-pol. SUB-D
Ethernet /IP Device* Module (Option), 2 x RJ45 incl. Switch

Electrical connection

Power supply 24 V DC, -15 % to +20 % acc. to IEC 1131-2
Current drawn (without load) < 300 mA
Power consumption Approx. 7,5 W


Front IP 65 acc. to EN 60529
Rear IP 20 acc. to EN 60529

Environmental Conditions

Operating temperature 0 to 55 °C
Storage temperature -20 to 60 °C
Relative humidity (without condensation) <80 %


Overall dimensions (W x H) in mm 240 x 204
Cut-out dimensions (W x H) in mm 223+1 x 187+1
Mounting depth Approx. 40 mm without connector
Front panel Aluminum front panel with design foil
Housing lid stainless steel
Weight Approx. 1,2 kg

Certificates and Approvals

CE conformity EN 61000-6-4 emission
  EN 61000-6-2 immunity

Article no. OM 2032 front design without separating bar (Fig. 1)

92390 1008 OM 2032 Head Modul, PROFINET IO Device
92390 1108 OM 2032-F Head Modul, PROFINET IO Device, Safety I/O
92390 1010 OM 2032 Sub Modul (Fig. 4)

Article no. OM 2032 front design with separating bar (Fig. 2)

92390 0008 OM 2032 Head Modul, PROFINET IO Device
92390 0108 OM 2032-F Head Modul, PROFINET IO Device, Safety I/O
92390 0010 OM 2032 Sub Modul (Fig. 4)

subject to technical changes


Further Information