PACK 4.0


The EXTRUSION PACK 4.0 is equally suitable for extruder manufacturers and operators due to the modular design and easy integration as a modernization option for original equipment.

The modular EXTRUSIONPACK 4.0 offers numerous options, whether for a single extruders or for a complex control of a complete extrusion line, as profiles, plates, tubes, semi-finished products, flat film or granulate production. 

Equipped with a modern control unit, the advanced control system and our perfectly adapted and functional application software, EXTRUSION PACK 4.0 is the instant operational solution.

Three REDIS control units with monitor sizes up to 19 "are available, which can comfortably automate up to 32 heating zones and 4 motors. REMOD handheld modules are placed local and close to the machine in addition, enabling the operator to react immediately to changes in the process.

We would like to highlight the simple and fast configuration of your system. Instead of complicated programming, the installed line components are simply selected interactively and linked automatically. Without programming. This saves time, money and avoids mistakes.

The operating procedures in all device classes are clearly structured and can thus be operated intuitively. EXTRUSIONPACK 4.0 also achieves a high degree of acceptance and appreciation for plant operators for this quality.

high quality aluminum front panel

stable stainless steel housing


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